Yes! You Can Beat Your Competitors

How We Do It


Search Engine Optimisation is a process that regulates the order of results generated from a user query in a search engine such as Google. WERVAS plays by the rules of the algorithms in order to increase the visibility of your website to boost rankings. Primarily, the organic results of a great SEO campaign mean using search engines to optimize the number of organic visitors to your website. Local SEO is a specialization that specifically targets customers in your area. It not only customizes your business presence on the web but also it increases the visibility of your business globally.

The experts at Wervas are able to customize and create an SEO campaign that gives your business the digital upper hand. In past, we were able to give such results as raising a website’s monthly visits from 0 to nearly 8,000+ in just 7 months. Many agencies want you to think that you will achieve great results from their services, whereas WERVAS has a proven and extensive track record of doing that. We are passionate about your success and we have enough evidence to erase all your doubts.

Our professionals will create a personalized campaign that works for you – result driven and efficient in accordance to your needs. A completely customized experience will drive positive results. These results do not come simply from a bit of research and an idea. The campaigns are specifically designed to help your business and eventually, you get the result.


On-Site Optimization Process- Part 1

Market Research & Keyword Research: At first, we conduct keyword research. We undergo all possible keywords and identify those which will increase your website traffic and revenue. We identify 200 – 500 keywords during this stage. The aim of this step is to urge as many words as possible that we will use to spot aspects of your company’s brand.


Competitor Research:

Our job is to beat your competitor. We closely look at the keywords your competitors use and inspect the opportunities to focus on new keywords for your website. We set very broad standards for these keywords to spot as many of them as we possibly can.


Keyword Mapping:

Once we are done with the keywords listing, we use them to construct a keyword mapping document that shows you titles, sub-titles, headings and content before mapping the keywords to the existing pages. We also identify the pages needed to optimize your website.


Note: This initial stage takes around two to three weeks depending on the complexity and size of the website. Once we have acquired this far, we create a benchmark report and bring detailed information to you for your approval.

On-Site Optimization Process- Part 2

Selecting keywords with high return for landing pages:

Starting from the landing pages to the blog posts, we select and focus on the most effective keywords to draw more traffic from the search engines. We have analytical tools to show us how effective are the landing pages and how your website is prevailing over the internet.


Technical Audit (20 – 25 pages):

 Completing the keyword mapping document, we do a technical survey on your website to confirm that the nuts and bolts aspects of your website are up to snuff. All technical aspects of your website including meta tags, brand visibility, site speed, website security, technical problems, non-existent pages and gaps in the content will be checked and listed at this stage.

Technical implementation:

Once we have completed the audit and after getting your approval, we technically optimize the website to make sure that it best complies with the search engine algorithms and that it can handle the increased traffic which will soon be generated.


Note: This initial stage takes around two to three weeks depending on the complexity and size of the website. Once we have acquired this far, we create a benchmark report and bring detailed information to you for your approval.

Off-Site Optimization Process

We will feature your brand on niche related, high authority websites, blogs, and magazines. The preliminary steps are over and we are ready to start creating content and acquiring links. Ongoing processes include:


 Popularity of the site: Growing authority and popularity of your website.


Content Creation: Every month we create fresh content for your strategy and use the latest link building methods in order to promote your website.


 Get featured: We care about the feature of your brand on high-quality websites, blogs, and online magazines.


 Link Building: In this stage, we also begin cultivating links from other websites that will boost your expertise.


Frequent Strategy Review: We review the strategy a few times a week to confirm we are heading in the right direction.


 Monthly Reporting:  At the end of every month, you receive an online report mentioning all improvements and all the work that has been done for you during the month.


Google likes websites that have high popularity and authority. Popular websites are talked about in other popular places online.


Our knowledgeable SEO experts can view the data from your current search engine results and help you rise in the search rankings. There is always room for improvement because SEO means increasing online sales and increasing the number of organic visitors.

WERVAS is a well-developed community and growing continuously, having embraced many cultures and languages. Locals and tourists are always searching on the web for new things to do in town, so it is a necessity to have a choice spot in search engine searches.

Local SEO is an important business strategy. In today’s world, a web presence and having a social media voice can be vital to your business’s overall success. More the number of customers that enter your business store implies more sales conversions through e-commerce, as well as for your physical business locations.

Let Us Help You

SEO is the most important key to success in the modern world because web presence means everything. The talented professionals at WERVAS are able to offer a free consultation in order to start the conversation about creating a stronger, more driven web presence.